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Birthday Cakes

From clean and classic to crazy and over the top with special effects, we can create your perfect birthday cake.

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1st Birthdays

You only get to do it once!  Make it a special cake to remember that precious first birthday

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Special Occasions

Sometimes you want a cake just because. That is our motto- Be happy eat cake!  For everything else in life to celebrate like Family gatherings, holidays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Teachers Day, etc.

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Cupcakes & more…

Everything else!  From cupcakes to cake pops to cookie cakes and more. Create that perfect treat to make the moment spectacular!


What cake is right for you?

Good cake isn’t cheap and Cheap cake isn’t good!

The cake is without a doubt one of the most important features to a celebration. Finding the right design and cake artist is crucial for a wonderful unforgettable cake creation.

So why are custom cakes so expensive?

We use only the freshest ingredients available.
Our cakes are baked fresh to our clients specifications and never frozen like the big chain bakeries.
Cakewalk Creations considers each cake a work of art and hours and hours are dedicated to achieving the perfect result.

Let us create your dream cake to make your celebration one to remember for years!

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Below is a video of the Butterfly cake above showing what we can do that sets us apart from other bakers.
All of the wiring, motor and gearing are completely hidden in the top fake layer of the cake. This cake was done for a charity and the recipient/audience was blown away!